Global Warming Pollution Control Deforestation Destitute Children
Fighting with corporate lobbies and industrialists along with government to control alarming growth of global warming! Help us to save us and escape our inevitable doom!
Deposition of wastes, increased used of plastics, commercial use of non - biodegredable products, pollution is on rise like never before! Help us to find alternatives for a secure future.
Cutting of trees is one rise with increasing urbanization, nature is losing balance, climate is changing fast, animals are losing home. Help us to protect our home.
Destitute children with nothing to eat, nothing to wear, no roof on their head. Starving to death, begging for living with no support! Help us secure their future.
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Recent Updates

  • 10th November | Khurda

    Call for environmental issue discussion, rapid urbanization and degrading factors

  • 16th November | Bhawanipatna

    Socio-economic awareness among people in villages and zillas. Outdoor and field awareness programme.

  • 21st November | Rourkela

    Deforestation factors, meeting with district court judge and presentation with forest department.

  • 28th November | Cuttack

    Youva morcha on humanity. Conference on current awareness and alert factors focusing on individual's development.

Opinion Matters!

10th October, 2013   22nd September, 2013

" When you don't preserve nature, you don't preserve your future! "


" It's all about doing charity, the more you do, the less it feels! "

Jessica Taylor
Director at Biokleen Fisheries and Chief Coordinator at Preserve Water Foundation
  Medha Patker
Social Activist, Philanthropist and Film Maker
The task presented and adopted by governments for the next few years is far from simple and poses enormous challenges for environment, which has worked to influence this agenda, both at the political level with governments, and through its participation in various forms of consultations devised by the United Nations. As the nations are putting the agenda of global resurrection, things have gained momentum. With the upcoming global summit on environment this year, it will prove a major event.
The strategy devised by government under many of its 5 years and 10 years plans empowering upliftment of poor people status is far from getting started. There are problem both at government's changing attitude and acceptance of our own people towards down-trodden class. It is increasingly important to focus on these factors as these are roadblocks to the development and mitigating these factors will clear the shadow.
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In Focus Bamboo plantations generating globalized employment! Read More

Globalized Events

Protest for Farm Lands Preservation
Texas, USA | 29th September, 2013
Photo Courtesy - Zanile Solveig
Initivatives for Upliftment of Poor Children
Bangalore, India | 11th October, 2013
Photo Courtesy - Shubham Jena

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